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Brittney M. Barber, CRNP

Brittney M. Barber, CRNP

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Charles Dickens

Brittney Barber is the newest addition to the team and the Nurse Practitioner on staff with Chamnong Family Medicine. Coming aboard in Fall 2020, Brittney comes eager to be a part of the team and serve the patients of Chamnong Family Medicine family. Brittney not only strives to help the patients; she also aims to provide quality care. Taking an interest in every patient and cultivating a sense of comfort, Brittney found her purpose through years of school and years spent serving her patients as a nurse in a busy emergency department. The constant flow of patients in and out of the emergency room doors helped open Brittney’s eye to see the need for more Primary Care Providers in our general area. This is the very thing that drove Brittany into going back to school and becoming an NP.

Brittney has many years of school under her belt, and various degrees earned in the process. In 2005 Brittney earned a Bachelor of Sciences in Business Administration from Faulkner University, next she earned her Masters of Science in Health Care Administration from the University of West Florida in 2011. After pursuing her career in the Business world of health care, Brittney pivoted to the healthcare world’s medical side. In 2015 Brittney earned her Bachelor of Nursing Degree from Auburn University of Montgomery. This is what opened Brittney’s eyes and heart to see the need for more primary care providers and what ultimately led her to finish her education by earning her Masters of Nursing from the University of Alabama of Birmingham in 2020.

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